Custom Tempered Glass: Stronger, More Durable, and Readily Available for Replacements

Custom Tempered Glass: Stronger, More Durable, and Readily Available for Replacements

In terms of glass, custom tempered is a kind of glass that’s been glazed with a clear coat to meet safety standards set forth by a car manufacturer. Joe’s Glass Co. specializes in custom tempered glass replacement in Kirkland because, while custom tempered is more difficult to crack or break, it’s not entirely invincible. In major accidents or bad inclement weather, damage can be done that would warrant a replacement of custom tempered glass that would restore safety to your vehicle.

At Joe’s Glass Co., we aim for efficiency, but we can’t give you an accurate estimate on time and expenses until we know your car needs. Custom tempered glass is stronger and more durable, but it also requires slightly different guidelines for replacement. It could take a while longer for replacement, and the timespan of replacement would depend on the type of car and glass placement.

Unsure about what custom tempered glass is? We at Joe’s Glass Co. are happy to educate you on the ins and outs of auto glass, especially where your safety is concerned. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and our glass technicians will answer them honestly, clearly, and as best they can.

Do All Cars Have Custom Tempered Glass?

Not all cars are equipped with custom tempered glass. Some older cars have traditional glass, but owners can replace their classic glass with stronger, more durable custom tempered. If that’s the case for you, please call for an estimate and details.

Generally, expenses can be anywhere from $10 to $35 per square foot for custom tempered glass materials. However, this price is also subject to change based on thickness. Tempered is almost six times the strength of traditional glass, so it’s quite a bit heavier and more labor-intensive.

You can reach our Joe’s Glass Co. representatives for consultations about custom tempered glass replacement in Kirkland at (425) 272-9460.