Your Calibration Specialists!

Professional Windshield Calibration

When it comes to all of your window calibration needs, you can count on our expert team at Joe’s Glass Co. We are available to assist with windshield inspections, screenings, and calibrations for all vehicles that have an ADAS camera system on board. Our technicians have superior training and we use cutting edge technology to bring you the safest windshield calibration services in the area.

The ADAS, or Advanced Driver(s) Assistance System, is a setup that relies on radar, lasers, and cameras, with the camera often mounted on the windshield. Whenever there is a new windshield installed, it is important that the camera is calibrated to make sure that it functions properly and meets all OEM specifications.

ADAS Applications Include:

  • Collision Warning
  • Parking Assist
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Headlight Control
  • Pedestrian Protection
  • Automatic Cruise Control

For any modern vehicle that is model year 2016 and newer, the ADAS camera system has turned into a safety standard that will continue throughout the automotive industry. Whenever your windshield is replaced or the camera has been disturbed in any way, you need to be sure that your ADAS camera setup is calibrated. Joe’s Glass Co. offers mobile windshield calibration for your convenience and we take great pride in our world-class customer service.

Understanding Calibration

Calibration means that you are returning the ADAS camera system of your vehicle to the detailed OEM specifications. This calibration process is crucial after there is a new glass installation, especially if the camera is mounted to the windshield. What this does is make sure that all of the ADAS features will function as they should be despite movement during installation.

Continued, Understanding Calibration

Without calibration, the ADAS system might not function as expected. Should the lasers, radars or cameras be off by even just a few millimeters, the chances are that they will not give an accurate reading and the system function will be off. Any camera that is misaligned could put the function of the system in jeopardy and cause dangers while driving or accidents to occur. You can count on Joe’s Glass Co. to make sure that your cameras are beautifully aligned after a new installation.