Kirkland Auto Glass Replacement

Kirkland Auto Glass Replacement

Get your Auto Glass replaced in Kirkland

Joe’s Glass Co provides auto glass replacement to Kirkland, Washington. For over 15 years we have serviced the Kirkland area with auto glass replacement, auto glass repair, chip repair, RV glass replacement, and RV glass repair. Our technicians will drive out to you in Kirkland and replace your glass while you’re working, at home, or any time your car is available. If you would like to bring your vehicle in please stop by our Everett location or call us at (425) 353-4000.

RV Glass Replacement in Kirkland WashingtonRV Glass Replacement in Kirkland

Get your RV glass replaced in Kirkland without having to travel or move your RV. With our mobile technicians we can drive out to your home or work in Kirkland and replace your RV glass so you can relax and enjoy your day. Get ready for a new trip, or ensure you have clear vision on your RV by getting the glass replaced when it cracks or if the glass is weathered. Because an RV is such a big vehicle RV glass is even more important than auto glass to keep clean and in good shape.

We accept all insurance claims

At Joe’s Glass Co, we are a preferred auto glass supplier of all insurance companies and glass networks in and around Kirkland. We ensure you get the OEM equivalent replacement glass including any features like heated wiper park, electrochromic mirror, heads up displays, or rain sensors.

Your Satisfaction is our Priority

For our Kirkland service area our professional auto glass installers have experience with all different make and models of glass or vehicle and each installer is fully trained to treat every customers car like their own. At Joe’s Glass Co, customer satisfaction is our priority and with 15 years of satisfied customers, you can feel secure using Joe’s Glass Co for your auto glass replacement.

Joe's Glass Company
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Laura StallingsLaura Stallings
14:45 03 Dec 23
Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Fast service! Thank you for fixing my windshield
Live HabitatLive Habitat
15:28 30 Nov 23
I was able to be serviced same day, and at half the price of safelight! They were quick but thorough with their service. I will definitely be coming back!
Steve LevySteve Levy
18:33 26 Nov 23
Joe's Glass did a great job replacing our broken in car window. Not only were they 20-25% less expensive than others I called, they were able to get us in the same day and had us back on the road within an hour. Not only did they fix the window, they vacuumed up all of the glass in the car, as well as completely removing the door panel and ensuring that there wasn't anything left in the door to rattle around.Super polite and professional, I can't recommend them enough if you need me glad for your car.
Anatolii LeshchukAnatolii Leshchuk
03:13 25 Nov 23
Great job guys!!!
I recently had the pleasure of using the services of Joe’s Glass. Their professionalism was evident from the start, with a swift response to my inquiry. The team displayed exceptional knowledge, addressing all my concerns with clarity. The service was not only fast but also detailed, ensuring every aspect was covered. Overall, a commendable experience with a company that excels in professionalism and expertise.
Theo BriggsTheo Briggs
00:48 16 Nov 23
David MinorDavid Minor
21:02 15 Nov 23
Took my 2011 Ford Ranger in for a windshield replacement. Derf the office manager (that's Fred backwards) was amazing, customer service was Outstanding. I've used other Auto glass companies, I will be sending all my Friends to Joe's Auto Glass from now on.
Michael QueryMichael Query
18:32 15 Nov 23
Best place for windshield replacement or glass services! They have great prices and friendly high quality technicians.
James PhanJames Phan
17:29 15 Nov 23
Was trying to replace my wind shield and found this dude on the google. Short story long I was like I got hit by a rock and now I have a crack that spans the Pacific to the Atlantic and am having trouble with paperwork and this dude “Joe” was like I got you fam! All while he was figuring out logistics for me being like I can order your parts, we can figure out paperwork, and by the time you get here we’ll be In-N-Out before you know it. Anyways, I like Joe, Joe’s a good dude, be like Joe. Thanks Joe!
Tyler WareTyler Ware
23:55 14 Nov 23
Joes glass company is second to none! They are amazing. Owner is amazing and I would recommend them to anyone looking for glass repair.
Michael Gregory IVMichael Gregory IV
00:55 14 Nov 23
Mariah M.Mariah M.
21:47 13 Nov 23
Joe is extremely rude. I called him to make an appointment to have my car glass repaired but after calling my insurance to see if it was covered with the shop, they told me it wasn’t. Instead of just not showing up like I’m sure a lot of people would do, I called Joe back to let him know that my insurance won’t cover it and I have to go to someone who offered to do it for cheaper because it’s what I can afford. He told me he doesn’t want my business anyway and that it’s disrespectful of me to not have it done there??? Excuse me? The entitlement is absolutely crazy. You’re mad because my insurance won’t cover the cost so I’ve decided to go to someone I can afford? It’s not like I had this appointment scheduled for days… it was scheduled same day and I called a few hours after I scheduled to let him know the circumstances… he is extremely unprofessional. I’m so glad I didn’t take my vehicle there , the energy is so negative. Joe you need to learn etiquette skills and grow up. Just because you’re not getting business doesn’t mean you need to take it out on customers, the energy you give out is what you get in return!
Dazzle RaeDazzle Rae
22:34 09 Nov 23
Called for pricing on a chip repair and was told no appointment needed, $70 + tax, quick 10-15 min repair time. I came in a few days later, around noon on a weekday, and things were just as expected and then some.The shop was busy with two other repairs in the works, the phone was pretty busy, and the guy at the desk was handling it all politely and efficiently. The lobby was impressive with toys and books for kids, varieties of kcups for coffee and tea, water and snacks. Restroom in the lobby as well.Before I was done paying for the chip repair, it was already completed! Impressed, relieved, and painless. The chip itself was less than the diameter of a quarter but close to it, we'll see if the repair holds up with the upcoming colder temps, but from first glance it looks a lot better than before!
Vitaliy FlyakVitaliy Flyak
00:39 09 Nov 23
Fast and efficient
Cassandra CCassandra C
18:58 08 Nov 23
Super friendly staff and quick service. I will be recommending them to my family and friends. Thank you! 🤗
22:28 07 Nov 23
Joe's is top notch. I've had multiple windows replaced by them. Extremely fast and accommodating to my needs every time. Best prices around. Highly recommend.
Brian BBrian B
00:15 07 Nov 23
I got a ding in my windshield and stopped by Joe's Glass to see if they could fix it. They got me in right away and had the windshield fixed in 15 minutes at a great price. The crew was friendly and they have a nice waiting area too.
Stack GrattonStack Gratton
18:03 04 Nov 23
Highly recommend. They had my Lincoln back glass(big job) done while I waited. Professional, on point, and reliable. The owner was super cool, and staff was very friendly. I will def be going back for my windshield replacement next, and recommend to everybody with glass help, or needs to go to Joe.
phung vophung vo
19:55 03 Nov 23
Good service fair priceJoe easy to work withStrongly recommend
Tyler CrockerTyler Crocker
19:47 03 Nov 23
Super friendly to everyone that came in and while they underestimated how difficult it was to change our window, they put in the extra work to get the window changed for my father-in-law. And they didn't charge any extra! Many thanks!
Jose VillagomezJose Villagomez
17:27 02 Nov 23
Great service, fast and same day repair.
Jillian HortonJillian Horton
19:27 01 Nov 23
Super friendly and reasonably priced. They were able to get me in same day and had it fixed and ready in under an hour. 10/10 recommend :)
Dan IlloDan Illo
18:04 31 Oct 23
Two guys showed up on time for a 4 runner and a Forrester front windshield replacement. Both Very professional and they didn’t waste any time, didn’t leave a mess. I’ll use em again. If you’re in or around Everett, these guys do a legit job.
They were very quick and it was a good experience!! They replaced my windshield and were super flexible with scheduling and were still able to fit me in after being a couple minutes late :)) they also made sure to re-stick my good to go pass and my mileage sticker on the windshield for me and I’m super happy with the service. Thank you !!!
Amy DobeshAmy Dobesh
08:59 31 Oct 23
I went to Joe’s to replace my passenger front window. I was able to get an appointment soon after calling and was in and out quickly on the day of my appointment. As soon as I got in the car I noticed scratches on the door handle, but I overlooked this unfortunate result because my main focus was the fact that my window rolled down slowly and with a ‘hitch,’ meaning not smoothly, like it was installed improperly. Also, the door wouldn’t unlock with my key fob or manually, so the door wouldn’t open. When I called, Joe told me to bring it back the next day, and it would be fixed. (I didn’t mention the scratch, as it was not as vital as the window and lock problems.). When I went back, they fixed the issue, but got fingerprints and the lube they sprayed to fix the problem on my freshly washed car. Frustrating, but the window and lock seem to be operating properly now. Later, after having left Joe’s Glass for the second time in two days, I looked closer at the scratch on my door handle, and realized that that’s where they accessed the screws to remove the door panel, and that they’d broken the part and didn’t tell me, so it’s now just hanging loose, AND scratched. There’s also glass rattling around when I drive and if I shake the door I can hear it as well. So, I’ll be calling Joe to see if he’ll replace the part they damaged, (which they should. No matter how old my car is, it should be done right, and I should be notified when something like this happens.) After speaking with Joe while I was there for the second day in a row, i found him to be extremely personable, and he seemed determined to provide good service, so I’m sure he’ll make this right. I just wish it didn’t take this much of my time to get the job done correctly, since it’s their whole business to do so, and this was a simple, basic window replacement. It’s because of Joe’s friendliness, and the prompt appointment they were able to schedule, I’m giving three stars. Besides that, this exchange has been much too difficult for such a basic service from a company who’s sole focus is this type of repair. I shouldn’t have to return twice (likely more if I want to have the broken part replaced) and waste this much of my time in order to get things done the way they should have been during my first appointment. UPDATE: After he saw this review, Joe called me, pissed. He felt I was wrong to give him a "bad review" ( I don't think three stars is bad, I think it's fair, but he disagreed) and he would not take responsibility for the problems I mentioned, carefully stating that they'd take a look, and then decide what to do, not wanting to admit any fault. He tried saying it was a coincidence and it would have broken anyway due to my car's age. It was so unprofessional and I was offended that he would basically call me a liar instead of just fixing their little mistake. I had an appointment to get the window tinted, so I didn't have time to bring it back to Joe's a third time beforehand. The tinter guy told me that the "glass" I heard in the door, was actually screws that Joe's employee forgot to put back, that were supposed to keep the window up/down switch in place, and he went ahead and installed them while he had the door panel off. I haven't gone back to Joe's to try and get the broken clip replaced, because I don't want to argue about how it happened. Still, forgetting to put the screws back during this basic service tells me something about the workmanship at Joe's, no matter what he tries to say otherwise. In summary, I think three stars is fair, and if I ever need a window replaced again, I'll take my business elsewhere, even if it costs a little more. I like to support local businesses, but I won't choose to spend my money at this one in the future.
Jason CampbellJason Campbell
21:47 30 Oct 23
Been here twice in a year for different car windows, great customer service.
Brandie ChristianBrandie Christian
13:04 25 Oct 23
I needed my side window replaced and these guys cost less than my insurance deductible! I was able to make an appointment for that week to have it fixed and at a time that fit my schedule. I was in and out really fast the day of repairs. Excellent service and super nice people. I highly recommend.
Fred BrownFred Brown
22:49 24 Oct 23
I was traveling from Colorado to Granite Falls, Washington to work on the estate of my brother who had passed away when the window regulator on the driver's side of my Ford E-450 Motorhome went out with the window almost all the way down. This was problematic with the rain and the inability to secure the vehicle when I was away from it. I called one of the National Chain Automotive Glass stores and they had me set up I appointment only to be told when I got there that they couldn't get the window regulator and would not work on it. Then someone told me to call Joe's Glass in Everett.Joe's Glass Company was absolutely AMAZING! I spoke to a great young man Zach on the phone who was friendly and concerned about my problem. He said he would try to locate the part and would call me back as soon as he could, but with it being close to 5:00 he said it may be early the next moring before he would know. Sure enough, first thing in the moring he called to say he had located the part and said they would work to fit me in that day if it worked for me. He set an appointment for 3:00 pm to be sure I had enough time to travel to their shop, and I got there early, (about 1:30 pm).They were busy with other scheduled appointments coming in, but made me feel welcome and valued. They had a nice office and comfortable waiting area for customers which was much appreciated. Knowing my appointment wasn't until 3:00 pm I walked to a nearby restaurant for a meal. Imagine my surprise when I recieved a call from Zach a little over an hour later to tell me my vehicle was finished and ready for me to pick up!What outstanding professional service I received and they were so very friendly and appreciative of my business! This level of service and professionalism has become a rarity it seems in today world, but was how Joe's Glass does business. Everyone that I saw coming in and leaving received the same quality care and compassion that I recieved. I even was thanked personally by Joe himself for allowing them to work on my vehicle.What great people and what a professional business. This is what make America great...the Small Businesses that make all the difference, in their quality service, contributions to their communities, and compassion for their customers. Joe's Glass Company optimizes that and I was my pleasure to spend my hard earned dollars with them!With Appreciation,Fred Brown
Monika GruszeckiMonika Gruszecki
00:24 24 Oct 23
James DavidsonJames Davidson
23:22 20 Oct 23
I came into Joe’s Glass to fix a leaking windshield on my Toyota pickup. Joe and his team not only took great care of my truck, but they talked options with me, they have fair pricing, and a comfortable waiting area to sit in while your car is getting fixed. I sat in the waiting area talking with Joe about business, cars, etc etc for the better part of an hour.Great staff, great pricing, and great work quality.I would absolutely recommend my friends and family to come into Joe’s Glass for any automotive glass needs they have - and if I need more work done in the future in my next vehicles, I’ll be back here again without a doubt.
Charles PearsonCharles Pearson
21:46 19 Oct 23
Excellent service! They did a rock chip repair for us in 15 minutes with no appointment needed! They worked with our insurance too! Thank you!!!!
Rodger AndersonRodger Anderson
20:03 18 Oct 23
We had a window broken on a 1998 4Runner, Joe's had the part in stock and was able to get me in the same day. Customer service was great! The best part was when I watched Zach at the front desk deal with an elderly woman who kept calling him Jack. He was so kind and thoughtful, that alone will get me to come back. 5 Stars +++
Jaime JoyJaime Joy
00:31 14 Oct 23
Awesome Glass Shop! They did a great job on my windshield and were super quick too! Joe was understanding and totally worked with me when I had to resched bc my Jeep broke down and couldn’t make my first appt. Although it didn’t work out, he even offered to come to the auto shop and do the job. Good people!! A++
18:35 12 Oct 23
Awesome shop Joe does what says and the price he gives you is the price no surprises thanks Joe
Ingrid NaumannIngrid Naumann
02:48 11 Oct 23
Great service and fast - in and out with a new windshield in one hour.
Nicole SNicole S
02:29 11 Oct 23
20:22 10 Oct 23
The service is wonderful here. They got me in same day and replaced a broken window in less time than it took for me to do my house keeping.To top it off, the staff remembered my name and were extremely friendly and answered all my questions.This shop is amazing! I chose them because I live nearby, but I lucked out on the convenience and quality.
Magic BalloonMagic Balloon
18:46 07 Oct 23
We were driving from Leavenworth to Marysville when a rock bounced and smacked our windshield. We are from California en route to Vancouver BC Canada and were worried the ding would expand. We called Joe's spoke to Shawn and he said bring it in before lunch and they'd take care of us. We were there around 1130am and we were attended to promptly. 5 min later we were on our way!!! Such fast friendly service and only $76!!! Fantastic job guys!!!
diann somesdiann somes
20:17 06 Oct 23
Polite, quick, excellent service.Thank you.
Kira AbrahamKira Abraham
17:58 04 Oct 23
Fastest service ever!! Very pleased with the results.
Ugur ErolUgur Erol
23:24 03 Oct 23
Been here twice to have a chip on my windshield repaired. Would recommend this shop to anybody.
Rich OrtizRich Ortiz
18:32 28 Sep 23
Bernie BezdekBernie Bezdek
23:58 27 Sep 23
Joe's Glass Co. Is by far the best place to get window glass replaced. Thorough, respectfull, timely and professional. I will never go anywhere else.
Jeff McKeownJeff McKeown
06:11 27 Sep 23
Joe got me right in. I was driving away within 30 minutes. Friendly, locally owned small business. Highly recommend.
Tom KelleyTom Kelley
18:56 26 Sep 23
Customer service here was amazing. I went to my Subaru dealer with an issue with molding that was pulling up. They said they couldn’t fix it and I should get a new window. Insurance company wouldn’t do anything as it was wear and tear and not road damage. Took it in to Joe’s and they took off the molding as it was just a part of the cowl and was not a necessary part to hold the glass in. Walked out free of charge!!!
Austin WolffAustin Wolff
17:18 20 Sep 23
Wonderful experience. Needed a windshield replaced on relatively short notice (while also living two states away) and Joes was able to get me scheduled and installed before most places locally even returned my calls. Very competitive pricing too.
MM RenMM Ren
17:05 19 Sep 23
A backward place 😤that doesn't have apple pay
Gary DimeGary Dime
20:47 15 Sep 23
Rear window replaced. Defroster and radio no longer function. Keep getting we will call you next week. No call been several weeks. They should have tested for functionality. Very disappointed. Insurance company will be involved now. We'll see this company's resolution if any. **UPDATE** Finally reviewed the job and they plugged it in. Everything OK now. Will return if necessary for more glass work. Thanks Joe for resolving the issue.
Nathan SkinnerNathan Skinner
18:22 12 Sep 23
I was informed that globs of adhesve on the inside of my car that I could see just from the driver seat were normal and something you would see from the factory. After complaining I was once again informed that I didn't know what I was talking about while scolding me for wanting something at least OEM quality based on the way my car looks (faded paint, and other cosmetic defects).I was professional and personally gave them a chance to fix it. He offered to fix 1/2 issues. I am sure that they do good work for many people but mine was clearly rushed or not inspected properly.If you see this please reach out, I want to work this out and come back to you for future windshield repair.
Jody SiversonJody Siverson
18:13 11 Sep 23
Efficient and the staff are very kind.
Marie BauerMarie Bauer
20:31 09 Sep 23
Always easy and inexpensive plus the staff are really sweet and don't rush you or talk down to you. Absolutely love this place and recommend!
Victoria StarrettVictoria Starrett
00:45 09 Sep 23
I was first excited to not have an arm and leg bill to just have some rock chips repaired. I was told it would take 15 for everything to be completed which is different then the last time I had a chip repair. We went over what needed to be done, one crack wasn't touched, one chip was only half covered and wondered if an Elmer's glue stick had been used to fill what I needed done. Frustrated I kept driving away disappointed with the money I just threw out the window. Staff is wonderful, should have asked for more information or been educated on the process to fully make a decision on the choice I made. Single parent just trying to save time and money.
Janice KriegerJanice Krieger
03:04 06 Sep 23
Arrived early to an appointment but they were able to take care of us right away. Good timing. Quick, courtiest, knowledgeable and very reasonable price. I live about 70 miles away and wouldn't hesitate to go back if necessary.
Steph MyersSteph Myers
00:34 01 Sep 23
My truck was broken into while I was attending a night class and my passenger side window was shattered, and the door was damaged. There were three of us in total who were robbed that night. I had one hell of a time trying to go through my insurance company. No one will accept them. The other two recommended Joe's Glass Company. After exhausting all other options, I knew I would have to pay out of pocket and hope my insurance will reimburse. I called Joe's Glass Company and they were able to see me immediately! They were so helpful and quick. I can not thank them enough!!!!
chris conantchris conant
20:14 25 Aug 23
Awesome service!Joe worked with me on negotiating price and sent his crew to replace my windshield within hours of the call. The crew also performed outstanding service!I will buy all of my windshields with this company in the future!Thanks you guys!!👍👍
21:46 18 Aug 23
Great, fast, efficient.
Raefe McEnroeRaefe McEnroe
23:09 16 Aug 23
Laurence RubleLaurence Ruble
21:41 15 Aug 23
I just had the windshield replaced on my 2022 Honda Ridgeline at Joe's. They did an excellent job, got me right in and out in less than two hours.The major national glass chain had my truck on 2 separate occasions and couldn't get the right windshield. This was despite me sharing all information about my vehicle and scheduling will in advance.Joe's is the place to go.
3erd World3erd World
19:32 07 Aug 23
Great customer service. They did an awesome job on my window looks really good. They were really fast worked out perfect
Robert WilsonRobert Wilson
18:12 06 Aug 23
Got me on the same day really appreciated it . My van has all my tools and product in it needs a window fixed.
Christine L NiglioChristine L Niglio
02:37 06 Aug 23
Two times in Two weeks...Windows in a Kia are cheaply made...Joe's Glass replaced them and we are good to go!!!
Shea ChenShea Chen
20:30 03 Aug 23
So rudeEdit: The shop reached out to me so I wanted to make some additional comments.I didn’t get my glass done here, I don’t know about their ability and professionalism in glass repair.I’m leaving a bad review because while trying to set up my appointment over the phone I felt incredibly disrespected and uncomfortable.I was having questions regarding my car insurance and since this is an affiliate shop I asked to process the insurance up front.The man on the phone rejected it because “insurance doesn’t pay them enough” up front and then proceeded to say“I just need you to be a tough little girl and pay for it, and file for reimbursement afterwards”This guy knows nothing about me, my age, my job, anything. However he felt entitled to talk to me the way a DAD would talk to his daughter, because I have a young woman’s voice over the phone? I was filled with confusion and rage.I will not take this misogynistic behavior.
Ahcene BourdacheAhcene Bourdache
19:26 03 Aug 23
I had a fantastic experience with Joe's Glass when I needed to replace my windshield. Their service was prompt, professional, and efficient. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, answering all my questions with patience. The new windshield looks flawless, and I feel much safer on the road now. I highly recommend Joe's Glass for their top-notch service and exceptional workmanship!
Jocelyn TritleJocelyn Tritle
16:54 01 Aug 23
Had insurance contact for an estimate for a Tesla windshield replacement. Shop called back and advised what already knew, $500 deductible. Asked what the replacement would be out of pocket and was proceeded to be out on hold for awhile, which was fine. When they picked up again he started getting the lecture about why I should make a claim versus paying out of pocket. Stated again I was asking what the estimate for replacement is out of pocket and not needing a lecture in the basics of insurance. Guy became extremely rude (he should be embarrassed for his behavior) and after I told him that his shop is probably not a good fit as he could not provide the basics of an estimate out of pocket. He told me that was fine started again lecturing about insurance, and I once again stated I was simply asking for an out of pocket estimate. He said the cash prices are different (again, understand that as I’m not new to this process in life) and he would need to rework the numbers and would take some time. I said that’s fine and without the need to put on hold again gave me a quote and hung up on me.This is not the experience I have had with this shop before but this is absurd. The inability to give a basic quote is pretty pathetic. However, they seem to have plenty of next day availability if you wish to be lectured or need to send a teenager in for the basics of life.
John PyktelJohn Pyktel
20:14 20 Jul 23
Nice, professional, quick to respond. Took about an hour to replace my windshield and realign the eyesight. I would recommend them to anyone in the Snohomish area. Very clean facilities. Friendly staff.
Sherman SmithSherman Smith
20:28 27 Jun 23
My daughter had a simple rock chip in her windshield. Very basic. She took it to Joe's to have it filled. And instead of filling it, they put too much pressure on the windshield and created a whole new crack in the windshield. It was NOT part of the damage caused by the rock. This was a whole new crack, several inches away from the original damage. They then lied to my daughter and told her it was just "air in the glass". Well, that was a lie. When my daughter asked for someone else to take a look at it, the "new guy" said no one else was available to assist. Then my husband looked at it. He knew it was a new crack. He called and talked to Joe himself, who advised the only way to fix it,Is with a new a new windshield. How very convenient. Very basic repair turns into over $1000 repair for Joe. And they refused to take responsibility or make it right. Well nope, sorry Joe. You won't be touching this vehicle or any other vehicle I own. I have had multiple windshields replaced here. I have also referred people here before as well. That won't happen again. I'm so disgusted that they won't accept responsibility for damaging my vehicle. They simply don't care about their customers. Do NOT go here, unless you want to walk away laying over $1000 for a rock chip repair. Do NOT go here, unless you want to be taken advantage of. Terrible, horrible, disgusting so-called customer service.
Serazi HassanSerazi Hassan
18:06 23 Jun 23
I went there for work on the windshield. After that, I saw that there was some damage due to the repair work. The mirror was loose and not properly fixed to its right place. The interior was also damaged. So I called them and the representative was very rude. They not only mistreated me but also asked me to come next week which was too late for me. Unfortunately, in my experience, I did not find the staff to be responsible when it comes to dealing with the customers. Their unprofessional attitude is forcing me to write this review.
Sarafina KimaniSarafina Kimani
00:07 16 Jun 23
My car was vandalized and the back left window was shattered! I called this place and got a same day appointment. They were quick to fix my car and did a pretty good job .car is as good as new . If I could give 10 starts i would ! I also got a free coffee 🙂
Elizabeth Brindo-VasElizabeth Brindo-Vas
19:10 15 Jun 23
I had an amazing experience at Joes! I needed my windshield replaced after a rock chip quickly turned into a large crack. I called them, they were polite and quick on getting me a quote, and had an opening the next morning. Less than two hours after dropping my car off, I had it back again with a perfect new windshield!!Six stars!
Clayton HaywardClayton Hayward
00:15 15 Jun 23
Never again will I use this place. I had a windshield and a back window replaced in my classic car and not only did they have it for a day longer than they were supposed to, they had used a wire wheel to remove Rust from my window Channel and not only did they not protect my interior, they couldn't even clean up the rusty chunks they left all over my brand new interior. Also they put about a dozen new scratches in my brand new $10,000 paint job, and then he had bent my Chrome around my windshield and couldn't get it to lay flat. He literally had it held down with masking tape. Iwas able to fix this myself in about 20 minutes but this guy does this for a living. I should have asked for my money back or at least a partial refund because it's going to cost me as much as I paid this place if not more to fix the damage they did
Jessica RohrJessica Rohr
20:46 29 May 23
Excellent work and helpful people. I was super impressed that I even showed up to my appointment late and they still replaced my windshield in 45 minutes. Fair prices.My only suggestion would be to let customers make appointments ahead of time. I called a week and a half in advance because I knew I had only a small window of time I was available to take my car in. I was told I had to call back a couple days before the day I wanted in order to make an appointment, which was inconvenient. But this is pretty small potatoes compared with the great service and reliable work they do!
Wesley SmithWesley Smith
21:18 12 May 23
Joe’s was great! They were very responsive on the phone and got me in the next day. Once I dropped my car off, it took just under a hour to get the front windshield replaced. It was great service and more than reasonable price. They take tap payments and even helped me out when my tap to pay was not working. Would recommend!
Freedom fiveFreedom five
01:43 02 Sep 22
Last week on Monday my wife and I dropped her car off at Joe's glass company for a Tuesday morning replacement windshield. They said it takes a little over an hour to install.On Tue I hear nothing from Joe's glass, so I make a call to them at 3:30pm to see if I could come and pick the vehicle up. Joe's tells me the glass they tried to install was wrong so they had to order another one. Ok well why no phone call telling us they will need the vehicle another day?So Wednesday same exact scenario. No call from Joe's. So I call at 4pm and get the same story I got on Tuesday. Now they are going to order the factory glass. I was told the would receive the glass on Friday. No call on Friday. I called at 4:10pm and am told the glass just showed up but they don't have time to install it. They have had my wife's car since Monday afternoon. With that being said we didn't pick the car up until the following Monday.This is the worst customer service I have ever received.To boot there is drips of some kind of clear sticky (glue of some kind) blobs all over her car. She noticed right away because it's on her rear window. After looking at her car there is blobs from front to back.This is honestly ridiculous.Total lack of customer service and respect of other people's property. I have attached photos. Unfortunately most pictures it was too hard to see. So I couldn't attach all of them.
Judy AceronJudy Aceron
03:11 18 Aug 22
I made an appointment in October with another company but wanted my windshield glass to be replaced asap. I decide to get an estimate from Joe’s glass. I drove my car in and got it done right at the spot less than an hour without appointment since they have in stock. I am so thankful! Not only their customer service was excellent, friendly and professional but their work is efficiently and price is perfect for my car! I saved $1000 less than I would spend if I go to another company. Definitely will recommend to anyone in Washington!!! Thank you Joe’s glass 🙏
Dominique WestDominique West
18:59 23 May 22
HUGE THANK YOU!! I live in my car and the window got smashed in one night, these guys were able to get me in the next morning because of my situation for a great price and even cleaned out all the glass left in the door & floor. Joe’s is a life saver, great customer service and all around positive energy. I even got a thumbs up for my happy dance after I saw my beautiful new window
Danielle Aleaha YorkerDanielle Aleaha Yorker
22:33 11 Mar 22
If you’re looking for auto glass repair this is the perfect place. They got me in and out within like 30 minutes, the staff is extremely friendly, reasonably priced in fact after shopping around they offered the best price for my repair. & if you’re waiting they offer coffee, water snacks and i noticed toys for kids to play with while they wait as well highly highly recommend and extremely satisfied with my service
Matthew PomperMatthew Pomper
04:59 04 Mar 22
Joe’s did a super fast and amazing job. They have a live person answering the phone not an automated annoying computer that doesn’t help. Great communication through all the steps. I dropped the car off at night on Wednesday and they had it fixed before 5pm the next day. They Even stayed open an extra hour for me to pick up my car. Will be back for all my auto glass needs. I highly recommend. Being in one of the biggest car clubs in Everett, having a show ready car is important to me. Would recommend to anyone that needs auto glass work. They work great with any “good” insurance like Allstate. If you want great reliable service and fast repairs go to Joe’s. Just don’t ask to see his Apartment. 🤣