Windshield Replacement in Granite Falls

Maybe you’re driving along when the unexpected happens. A stray pebble hits your windshield and leaves a mark. Maybe it’s something you don’t attend to right away, but then, unfortunately, you see the crack getting bigger and bigger. Knowing that it’s time to replace your windshield, you’re not sure where to go for auto glass repair. When you need the best in windshield replacement in Granite Falls, look no further than Joe’s Auto Glass for all of your needs.

It is true that you should take care of a crack as soon as you can. Temperature change or vibration can make small cracks become bigger. When this happens, it essentially compromises your frame. Think about it – your windshield is as much a part of your frame as your undercarriage, and if something is wrong with it, it becomes a safety issue. Plus, it’s also illegal to drive with a windshield crack that impairs your line of vision.

If you bring it to us before the crack expands, you most likely only need windshield repair unless there was a hard impact. Either way, windshield replacement isn’t that serious. It’s something that can be done quickly and efficiently in under two hours. If you’re worried about taking time off of work, don’t. Joe’s Glass Co. has a mobile team that can come out to either your home or place of employment, so you don’t need to worry as much about scheduling.

To get a free estimate or to find out more about windshield replacement in Granite Falls, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to speak with a member of our professional staff. Our customers are our number one priority.