Windshield Re-Calibration Service in Mountlake Terrace

For some reason or another, you’ve recently had a new windshield installed, but now you’re being told that for your safety features to work, you need to have something performed called windshield re-calibration. It might sound strange to think that your lane departure warning feature may be connected to your windshield, but it is, and for everything to work properly again, you’ll need re-calibration. If you need a windshield re-calibration service in Mountlake Terrace, Joe’s Glass Co. can help.

All of your safety features collectively are known as a system called ADAS, or Advanced Drivers Assistance System. These include safety features on newer vehicles, such as lane departure warnings, pedestrian protection, automatic cruise control, headlight control, blind-spot monitoring, parking assist, and more. They are integrated with your windshield via lasers, radar, and cameras, so when your windshield is replaced, it needs to be re-calibrated to make sure that it meets the original OEM specifications so that everything is working properly.

Having re-calibration performed is a quick and easy process, and we can have it completed for you as a simple in and out service. However, if you don’t have the time to make an appointment in the shop, because we know everyone’s schedule is busy, you can always ask for the Joe’s Glass Co. mobile service when you call, and we can come out to you instead to perform the re-calibration. This way, you can go on about your day while we perform the work.

To make an appointment for our windshield re-calibration service in Mountlake Terrace or learn more about it, contact us at Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to speak to a member of our professional staff.