Windshield Re-Calibration Service in Edmonds

You were likely thrilled when you bought your newer model car and learned that it had the most up-to-date security and safety features on it. Safety features can really bolster your confidence while driving and can help you feel safe. Things like collision warning, parking assist, blind spot monitoring, and automatic cruise control offer you a seamless ride and help keep you and others safe. Like all other parts of your car, sometimes your safety features will need maintenance and care as well. When you need windshield re-calibration service in Edmonds, Joe’s Glass Co. is the place to call.

These features and many more are part of an overall system known as the Advanced Driver(s) Assistance System, and it is integrated right into your car’s windshield with the use of cameras. When something goes wrong with the system, you must fix the problem at its source, which is the windshield. The good news is, re-calibration is a quick and easy process that takes less than an hour to complete, and your features are back to their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards again.

There are a few indications you may be a candidate for re-calibration. If your cameras stop working, or you get a notification light on your dashboard, those are sure signs to make an appointment. However, your ADAS can also get “out of whack” after a minor fender-bender, and certainly after you have your windshield replaced. These are also good indications of re-calibration.

If you don’t have time to come to us, Joe’s Glass Co. can come to you by way of our mobile team, so your safety features and back up and running as good as new again. To find out more about windshield re-calibration service in Edmonds, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to speak with a member of our team.