Windshield Installation & Repair Service in Kirkland

It’s true that auto glass is a part of your vehicle that is pretty dependable. It doesn’t require regular maintenance or upkeep besides simple cleaning, and you can rely on it to do its job until the glass is compromised. Little accidents happen every day. Everything from flying rocks to attempted burglaries can cause windshield damage, and if you need your windshield fixed in a hurry, you may not know where to go. When you need the best in a windshield installation & repair service in Kirkland, look to Joe’s Glass Co. to do the job right.

Little cracks or marks in the windshield can often be repaired or patched, and this kind of damage doesn’t require a complete replacement. However, if you let cracks go for too long, they can expand, especially in extreme weather or temperature changes. Once cracks spread, then a complete replacement is necessary. Both jobs are efficiently completed in about an hour at our shop.

If you can’t make it to our shop due to time concerns, or your car is immobile, you can always ask for the convenient Joe’s Glass Co. mobile service. Here, our mobile team can come to your residence or workplace, or other designated location, and perform the same work we do in our shop. This way, you can go on with your day while we take care of the auto glass work. We also work with insurance companies regarding claims.

For more information about our windshield installation & repair service in Kirkland, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to make an appointment or to speak with us. We always put our customers first!