Windshield Installation & Repair Service in Granite Falls

Accidents and fender benders can happen at any time, which may leave you in a bind when it comes to driving when there’s been some damage. You may likely have an auto mechanic or an auto body shop in mind, but perhaps don’t have a go-to when it comes to your auto glass. Needing windshield repair or replacement is one of the most common issues that occur when it comes to auto glass problems. If you need a windshield installation & repair service in Granite Falls, Joe’s Glass Co. is just the place.

We have been servicing the greater Granite Falls and Washington state area for the past 21 years. Our techs are well-trained in all manner of everything auto glass, from your windshield to your sunroof. We also perform several other jobs and can work on many different types of equipment and vehicles.

It’s a good idea not to put off windshield repair for too long. A tiny crack or “ding” can quickly spread, especially during a temperature change, like warming up your car in the cold. These cracks can spread entirely across the windshield, making the car completely unfit to drive. Once cracks spread, there must be a complete replacement instead of repair. Both jobs are easily performed in our shop, usually in under an hour. We also have a mobile team that can come out to you, should you not be able to get to us. We can fix your windshield while you go on about your day. It’s that simple.

To learn more about our windshield installation & repair service in Granite Falls, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to learn more about us or to set up an appointment.