Windshield Calibration Installation & Repair Service in Mill Creek

Do you need a windshield calibration installation & repair service in Mill Creek? Joe’s Glass Co. is here for you!

Having and maintaining a newer vehicle does come with different responsibilities and different demands than older ones. You’re probably used to the safety features that come equipped on newer vehicles, such as parking assist, blind-spot monitoring, automatic cruise control, lane departure warning, headlight control, pedestrian protection, and more. If they fail to work, you may even feel unsafe driving just because you’ve gotten used to relying on them.

You may be surprised to know that these safety features are part of your windshield, integrated via a system known as ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance System. So if they have stopped working, one of the first places you should check is your windshield, as it may need calibrating.

We’re a family-owned business serving the greater Washington state and Mill Creek area for many years, offering a full spectrum of auto glass services. Because these systems are integrated through the windshield, we offer windshield calibration as well. You may need calibration if you recently replaced your windshield, if you have cracks or breaks in your windshield, or if you’ve recently been involved in a minor motor vehicle accident (and your ADAS features are not working). Other things that can cause the system not to work are the camera being bumped, and sometimes fault codes appear, which we can take care of.

If you need a windshield calibration installation & repair service in Mill Creek, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to speak with a member of our staff. You’ll be glad you did!