Windshield Calibration Installation & Repair Service in Granite Falls

If you need a windshield calibration installation & repair service in Granite Falls, Joe’s Glass Co. is here for you.

Just like other pieces of equipment, machinery, and electronics, over the years, cars got smarter also. Most newer cars are equipped with a system that’s collectively known as ADAS, which stands for Advanced Driver(s) Assistance System. To you, these are the handy “bells and whistles” and safety features you’ve begun to appreciate since you purchased your newer car.

Some of these safety features include automatic cruise control, pedestrian protection, collision warning, parking assist, headlight control, lane departure warning, and blind-spot monitoring. However, all of these features are integrated through your windshield, so if something happens to it, something happens to your complete ADAS system, which means your windshield needs to be calibrated or recalibrated.

Within your windshield are cameras, radar, and lasers, and these are all interconnected with the ADAS system. If something happens to your windshield and you need a complete windshield replacement, you’ll need an auto glass company that is well-versed in calibrating a windshield calibrate it from the beginning. However, other things could cause your ADAS system to be out of whack, and in this case, your windshield may need just to be recalibrated. A minor fender-bender could throw it off, or there could be an electronic malfunction (in which case you would see fault codes). Also, if the camera gets moved in any way, you’ll likely need recalibration. However, it’s a quick and easy job to perform.

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