Tempered Glass That’s Customized to Your Vehicle’s Specifications

Tempered Glass That’s Customized to Your Vehicle’s Specifications

Tempered glass is a type of auto glass customized to fit a particular vehicle’s specifications. It’s a kind of safety glass. Where classic glass will shatter into shards, the tempered glass breaks into chunks with dulled edges, which is less of a hazard to drivers and passengers in an accident. Typically, tempered glass is used for the side and rear windows, while laminated glass is fitted onto the front windshield. However, you can go to Joe’s Glass Co. in Lynnwood to get your automobile fitted with customized tempered auto glass on all sides to ensure the utmost safety of yourself and your loved ones.

Some drivers are more concerned with aesthetics than the safety and find tempered glass too thick to be visually appealing. However, with professionals from Joe’s Glass Co., you can have both the look you want for your car and the security of customized tempered glass. We measure your vehicle’s windows to get the perfect specifications for the perfect fit. Then we coat and polish the tempered glass to ensure integrity and strength while giving you a clear view from the inside.

Did you know that tempered glass is five times stronger than most other glasses? It can take a wallop! This is all the more reason to decide to switch all of your windows to tempered, especially as a daily driver. You never know when an accident will leave your car damaged with your glass shattered, and you don’t want to be caught with glass-caused injuries in that kind of wreckage.

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We at Joe’s Glass Co. in Lynnwood are accommodating to your time and budget, so call us to discuss an appointment that would work for you for a consultation. We can discuss your options surrounding custom tempered auto glass, and you can feel free to ask any questions. Give us a call at (425) 272-9460.