Old Car & Classic Car Windshield Replacement in Mountlake Terrace

Having an older or classic car can be quite a joy, mainly if it is the type you work on to keep in pristine condition (in other words, the kind you only drive around on Sundays). However, finding parts can sometimes be difficult, especially when it comes to the auto glass aspect of things. Older cars can often have oddly-shaped glass pieces, or they may also use different types of glass, such as laminate. If you need old car & classic car windshield replacement in Mountlake Terrace, Joe’s Glass Co. has all you need to keep your classic in top shape.

We have been serving the greater Washington area for the past 21 years, and are experts in all types of auto glass work. This not only includes simple jobs such as replacing the windshield on your newer model car but also custom jobs and classic car work. Our techs can replace your old car windshield, just like newer ones, in under two hours or less.

If you have trouble getting to us, particularly if your car isn’t running, then we can come to you instead. Joe’s Glass Co. offers a mobile team that can come out to you if you’re busy or if your car is immobile. We can come to wherever your car is located to perform the glasswork. All you have to do is simply let us know that you want the mobile team. We also work with your insurance company if there’s a claim involved.

To find out more about old car & classic car windshield replacement in Mountlake Terrace, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to speak with a member of our staff. You’ll be glad you did.