Auto Vent Shade Replacement in Lynnwood

One of the most convenient accessories on your car or truck is likely your auto vent shade. One of its main functions is to keep dampness, moisture, and rain from getting into your interior, by deflecting droplets in the other direction. In the summer, the shade keeps the hot sun from directly hitting your seats, so when you get inside, you’re comfortable. However, if your auto vent shade is worn or has fallen off, you may need a new one. When it comes to auto vent shade replacement in Lynnwood, Joe’s Glass Co. is the best at what they do.

In business for over 21 years, we are well-versed experts in all types of auto glass procedures and accessories. Whether you need windshield repair or replacement, or simply a new vent shade, we’ll get the job done promptly and efficiently. If an insurance claim is part of your work order, not to worry. Joe’s works with all insurance companies and claims, so if there is claim attached, we will still gladly do the work.

We also understand your busy schedule in modern times. This is part of why we’ve created a mobile unit that can come to you when you need us. No matter what type of job you need doing, we can come to your work, home, or other designated location to get the work taken care of. This way, there’s no taking off of work or spending time away from your family to get your auto glass fixed.

For a free estimate for auto vent shade replacement in Lynnwood, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to speak with a member of our professional staff. Our customers are our number one priority.