Auto Vent Shade Installation & Repair Service in Monroe

If you’ve ever felt frustrated after driving when rain or moisture has seeped into your interior, there are additions to your car you can make to help avoid that in the future. Vent shades have many functions, are aesthetically pleasing,  and are a reliable way to help make driving more comfortable. If you have considered auto vent shade installation & repair service in Monroe, look to Joe’s Glass Co.

We have been serving the Washington area for many years, and hope to continue for 21 more. We are a full-service auto glass shop, and we can perform nearly every type of auto glass repair or replacement. We can also offer vent shade installation, rock chip repair, and windshield calibration. If you have a classic car or need custom work, be sure to contact us. We also can work on heavy equipment or oversized vehicles. We also work with insurance companies if you’ve filed a claim.

Vent shades are overhangs on your driver’s and passenger window. What it does is deflect moisture and rain from getting into your interior, either as you’re driving or when you are parked, such as an ATM or drive-through window. In addition to keeping out moisture, vent shades are helpful in the summer because they deflect the sun’s rays. There’s nothing worse than coming out to a hot car with burning hot seats after a long day at work.

To learn more about auto vent shade installation & repair service in Monroe, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to learn about our company and services. We look forward to addressing your vent shade needs as well as any other necessary glasswork.