Windshield Replacement in Shoreline

With winter well on its way, the last thing you want to have on your hands is a problem with your auto glass. Most of the time, auto glass does its job well. It doesn’t require any maintenance besides the occasional cleaning, it doesn’t require much upkeep, and it simply protects you from the sun, wind, rain, and other inclement weather. But in case of an accident or an act of God (such as a storm), your auto glass or windshield may become damaged. This is when it’s time to think about repair or replacement, depending on how hard the impact was. When you need the best in windshield replacement in Shoreline, look no further than Joe’s Glass Co.

In business for over 21 years, we’re experts when it comes to repairing, replacing, or upgrading your auto glass. A good word of advice to heed, if you have a small crack in your windshield, don’t keep putting off the repair. Especially as cold weather approaches, the drastic temperature change when you heat up your car in the morning can cause a small crack to elongate, and even spread across your entire windshield. This is often the difference between replacement and repair.

However, replacement is not as serious as it sounds. Not only do we work with your insurance company to make sure that your job is taken care of as it should, but we also have a mobile team that comes to you, so you don’t have to take precious time off of work, school, or with your family.

To hear more about the Joe’s Glass Co. mobile team, or to get an estimate for windshield replacement in Shoreline, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to speak with a member of our staff. Our customers are our first priority.