Windshield Replacement in Sammamish

You never know when the unexpected will happen, such as storm damage or a fender bender. In most situations, your auto glass is tough and durable, but in extreme cases, even the toughest auto glass can crack and break. It may seem like something you could put off for a few weeks, but just like the mechanical aspects of your car, your auto glass should be fixed as soon as possible. When you need the best in windshield replacement in Sammamish, Joe’s Glass Co. is here for you.

Whether you have a large impact crack or just a small ding, a windshield with cracks can make it difficult to drive. In fact, if you have large cracks that impair your vision or spider cracks throughout the windshield, it is considered illegal to drive. Sometimes a smaller crack can turn into a larger one due to extreme temperature, vibration, or simply ignoring it. There are several levels of windshield repair and what may have been just a quick fix now requires complete replacement.

Not only will we work with your insurance company, but we also have a mobile team that can come out to your car wherever you need us to be. Whether it’s your job or home, our mobile techs can replace your windshield there so that you don’t have to take precious time off of work or away from your family.

With over 21 years’ experience, Joe’s Glass Co. is the best when it comes to windshield replacement in Sammamish. Contact us today at (425) 272-9460 to find out more about our mobile team, or how you can get a free estimate for auto glass or windshield work.