Windshield Re-Calibration Service in Seattle

Having a newer car with top-of-the-line features offers you a lot of conveniences. Features such as parking assist, lane departure warning, automatic cruise control, and headlight control are wonderful things to keep you safe as you drive. Most of the time, they work just fine. But, all of these attributes are part of an overall system called the Advanced Driver(s) Assistance System, and it works by using small cameras installed in your windshield. There are some situations that require the windshield to be recalibrated to make sure that all of your systems are working properly. If you need windshield re-calibration service in Seattle, make sure to contact Joe’s Glass Co.

If you see a notification light on your dashboard or you find that your cameras simply are not working, then re-calibration is definitely a must. However, if you have auto glass damage and get your windshield repaired or replaced, this is another situation that requires your windshield to re-calibrated, to make sure that it matches up with the standard original equipment manufacturer (OEM) instructions. If you get in a minor auto accident or fender bender, you may also need re-calibration. The impact can simply just knock your system “out of whack,” and you will need to think about getting it reprogrammed.

If you do not have extra time in your schedule to come to us, Joe’s Glass Co. mobile team can come to you, whether it’s at work, school, or another location. Just ask us how it works.

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