Windshield Re-Calibration Service in Marysville

Having a newer automobile comes with many different features that you’d likely not have dreamed of 20 years ago. Things like parking assist, collision warning, blind spot monitoring, and pedestrian protection not only make you more comfortable while driving but help keep you safe as well as other drivers and pedestrians on the road. These features are overall part of a system known as the Advanced Driver(s) Assistance System, which is integrated as part of your windshield with the use of tiny cameras. Just like many things in life, ADAS may require maintenance or need to be reset, which is known as re-calibration. If you need windshield re-calibration service in Marysville, look no further than Joe’s Glass Co.

We have been serving the greater Washington area for the last 21 years and are familiar with all new technologies, which means learning about re-calibration and how to perform the job properly. There are a few indications that your car and windshield may need to re-calibrate. Firstly, if you’ve installed a new windshield, you will definitely need re-calibration to get the system back to its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. Also, being in a minor auto accident can cause the system to be out of whack. Sometimes, the cameras simply stop working or you’ll see a notification on your dashboard – these are both indications that you need re-calibration.

Ask us about Joe’s Glass Co. mobile team that can come to you if you don’t have the time to make an appointment. To learn more about windshield re-calibration service in Marysville, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to speak with a member of our staff. You will be happy that you did.