Windshield Re-Calibration Service in Granite Falls

Newer vehicles come complete with many different features that you wouldn’t find on older model cars. Helpful for the driver, many newer vehicles come with parking assist, collision warning, pedestrian protection, automatic cruise control, and more. These are great features to have, and they are part of a system called Advanced Driver(s) Assistance System (ADAS). This complete system works mainly with the use of a little tiny camera installed in or near your windshield. Occasionally, something can happen to “throw off” this camera, and it will cause your features to not work or work poorly. When this happens, you need re-calibration. If you are looking for windshield re-calibration service in Granite Falls, then Joe’s Glass Co. is the place to call.

There are several key things that will cause your windshield to need to be re-calibrated. Getting in a minor auto accident or fender bender is one of the top reasons. Also, if you notice problems with the camera or if you notice a warning light on your dash, you should have the system redone. If you have had your windshield repaired or replaced, you also likely need re-calibration, because the system is such an integral part of the windshield. There’s no guarantee that the place who installed your auto glass (unless it was Joe’s Glass Co.) also re-calibrated your windshield for you. If you come to us needing a complete windshield replacement, we will certainly mention the re-calibration factor.

Joe’s also has a mobile service that can come to you in case you don’t have the time to make an appointment. For more information about windshield re-calibration service in Granite Falls, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to speak with a member of our staff. You’ll be glad you did.