Snohomish County Automotive Glass Repair & Replacement

Auto Glass Replacement in Snohomish County

When it comes to complete auto glass replacement, Joe’s Glass Co. is an expert in the field. Our team has over 21 years of experience in the greater Everett and Snohomish and surrounding areas, and we’re here to offer the best prices while we’re getting the job done quickly.

Windshield Replacement in Snohomish County

While there may be some cracks that require just mild windshield repair, there can always be a situation that requires complete replacement. The good news is, the Joe’s Glass Co. mobile unit can come right out and replace your windshield wherever you are.

Auto Door Glass Replacement in Snohomish County

Whether the window has completely shattered or it just has a small crack for contact, here at Joe’s we can take care of it and get you a new window installed in no time. We’re familiar with all brands of cars and all different types and sizes of windows and have been in the auto glass business for over 21 years.

Auto Vent Shade Replacement in Snohomish County

A vent shade is an overhang that goes above your driver’s side (or another window), and its main function is to keep out the elements. In summer, it helps keep out the sun, keeping your seats from becoming boiling hot, and in the winter it keeps out cold air and snow.

Auto Quarter Glass Replacement in Snohomish County

Unlike other auto glass jobs, a quarter glass piece usually cannot be repaired, and it needs to be replaced, because of its size. While you can tape it up or put plastic over it for a few days, it leaves your car wide open to rain, snow, moisture, dirt, and even small animals, so it’s best to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Auto Back Glass Replacement in Snohomish County

When it comes to your back glass, it’s a bad idea to keep Plexiglas, plastic, or tape over it for too long to cover it. Not only does it threaten the safety of your car, but it also gives rain, moisture, wind, and even small animals the chance to access your interior.

Windshield Re-Calibration Service in Snohomish County

There are two situations in which you’ll likely need your windshield re-calibrated: you have replaced or had a big repair done in your current windshield, or you were in a minor fender-bender or accident.

Auto Roof Glass Replacement in Snohomish County

Drivers often put off auto glass repair or replacement for several reasons. First, if there’s a claim involved, they wonder if the auto glass company will work with the insurance company.

Auto Side Mirror Glass Replacement in Snohomish County

Having your side mirror replaced may not sound like an immediate concern, but driving without working side mirrors not only poses a safety risk, it is illegal. Having a replacement performed is actually a quick and easy fix, and is usually done in under one hour, even if the mirrors are specialized (such as heated mirrors).

Auto Rear View Mirror Replacement in Snohomish County

There are many things that may have happened to your rear view mirror. Perhaps you were in a minor fender bender, or your car has storm damage. Maybe the adhesive simply came off after a few years, and you can’t affix the mirror back to the windshield again.

Heavy Equipment Glass Replacement in Snohomish County

Our team of glass experts is here to not only be your favorite shop when it comes to auto glass problems with your car or truck but to be your one-stop shop for everything glass. We can help repair the glass in many different types of vehicles, such as forklifts, cranes, bulldozers, backhoes, tractors, and more.

Cutting Laminated Glass for Custom Glass Replacement in Snohomish County

We are your go-to glass shop when you need a windshield replacement and repair, but we’re capable of so much more, such as back glass replacement, windshield re-calibration, vent shade replacement, and custom jobs.

Old Car & Classic Car Windshield Glass Replacement in Snohomish County

If you have an older car, you may have some trouble getting it down to us, particularly if it’s not running at the moment. Joe’s Glass Co. offers a mobile team that can come to you instead.

RV Windshield Glass Replacement in Snohomish County

Having a break or “ding” in the windshield is already a safety issue. If you have trouble finding the time to make an appointment or can’t get to us, then we can offer you our mobile service. We can come to you onsite to do the work.