Old Car & Classic Car Windshield Glass Replacement in Mountlake Terrace

Old Car & Classic Car Windshield Glass Replacement in Mountlake Terrace

When you have an old or classic car, it’s quite common to treat it almost as if it’s a child. You have regular maintenance performed, take it in to get in tuned up whenever possible, and only drive it to car shows or on Sundays. Just as with other parts on your classic car, your auto glass may need some attention as well. If you’re in need of old car and classic car windshield glass replacement in Mountlake Terrace, trust Joe’s Glass Co. to do the best job.

We have been serving the greater Washington area for over 21 years and are familiar with all types of auto glass problems and concerns. We can do anything from custom auto glass work to vent shades on your truck.

Replacing the windshield of a classic or vintage car is quite similar to that of a modern car when it comes to the installation, but a classic car will require a different type of glass. Most of this type of older glass has to be processed and cut on CNC machines, which is much different than your standard  glass in cars today.

If you’re having trouble finding the time to make an appointment, you can also use the Joe’s Glass Co. mobile team, which applies to vintage and classic cars as well. Simply let us know where your car is, and we’ll take care of the windshield replacement.

To find out more details when it comes to old car and classic car windshield replacement in Mountlake Terrace, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425)272-9460 to speak with a member of our staff. Our customers are our first priority.