Old Car & Classic Car Windshield Glass Replacement in Lake Stevens

There are definite pluses to having an old or classic car. The ability to show it around town, take it to shows, or simply to have a conversation piece makes up for any other frustrations, you may encounter. If your car needs a little maintenance or you’re trying to turn a project car into a showroom piece, you may struggle a bit with finding certain parts for your car, especially aesthetics. Auto glass can be delicate for older cars because many older cars used laminate as opposed to modern-day glass. They also had oddly shaped sizes and cuts. If you’ve been in search of old car & classic car windshield glass replacement in Lake Stevens, then you should look no further than Joe’s Glass Co. for all of your auto glass needs.

Our techs are experts when it comes to modern cars, but have a wealth of experience with older cars as well. We can perform any custom cut, and we always have laminate glass in stock. Additionally, we can work on any type of vehicle that requires glass, such as heavy equipment or oversize vehicles.

You may find it hard to get a project car down to us, or one that requires maintenance, and this is why Joe’s Glass Co. has a mobile team that can come to you instead. Just let us know where to be, and we can perform all of the work onsite at little to no frustration for you while you go on about your day.

For more information about old car & classic car windshield glass replacement in Lake Stevens, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460. You’ll be glad you did!