Make Sure Your Windshield Replacement In Snohomish Was Done Properly

Make Sure Your Windshield Replacement In Snohomish Was Done Properly

When it comes to windshield replacement in Snohomish, you want to know that it is done correctly. However, there are some signs that you have had your replacement done improperly, and you’re headed for some issues down the road. These five signs below are sure bets that you need a professional installer to check your replacement.


Generally, when a windshield is installed correctly, you will not have noises at higher speeds. However, if you notice a strange noise in your vehicle, the windshield needs to be rechecked.

No Gloves

Did you notice your installers weren’t wearing gloves when they worked on the windshield? This could be a huge problem. That is because the oils of their hands can mess up the adherence of the glass itself. There is a layer of urethane on the windshield that must stay free and clear of oils for it to set properly.

Wavy Glass

Your windshield should be smooth and free of any waves or bumps. However, if the quality of the glass is less than preferred, you’re going to see waves and bumps that run along the glass itself.

One Person Job

If you also noticed that there was only one person working on installing the glass, that is a problem. This is a two-person job, at least, to ensure everything is done as it should be.

Water Leakage

A water leak is a sure sign that the sealant of the windshield wasn’t finished properly. You shouldn’t have any noise or leaks in a new installation at all.

To avoid these issues or to fix a job you’ve already had done, be sure to head to Joe’s Glass Co. The professionals here are ready to help with your windshield replacement in Snohomish. Call today at (425) 272-9460 to schedule your appointment.