Importance of Custom Tempered Glass Replacement in Bothell

Importance of Custom Tempered Glass Replacement in Bothell

Many automobiles utilize the tempered glass in their windshields, side windows, and other locations. Tempered glass has a lot of benefits that you may not have realized existed. Check out the benefits below and discover why it is important that your custom tempered glass replacement in Bothell is done by a professional.


Normal auto glass typically breaks into shards and flies around during an accident. This can be quite dangerous for those involved. With tempered glass, it doesn’t shatter as normal glass does. It breaks into cubes that do not have sharp edges, so it protects those in an accident.


This durable glass material, which is also able to avoid chips and cracks like regular auto glass.


You’ll find that tempered glass is much lighter than traditional auto glass. This makes it easier to install and eliminates having to laminate and add layers.


Tempered glass is also much stronger than regular auto glass that was used in the past. Being strong makes it easier to avoid costly repairs and chips that you may have been used to in the past.


You must have your tempered auto glass replaced by a professional to ensure the process is done correctly. When you do need a custom replacement, finding an experienced shop should be on the top of your list. That is exactly what you’ll find here at Joe’s Glass Co. Our superior service and expertise make it simple to get the replacement you need to be done correctly the first time.

Contact our team today at (425) 272-9460 for an appointment for service or more information about our custom tempered glass replacement in Bothell. We’re here to help you drive safely every day with your new windshield in place.