Don’t Ignore Your Heavy Equipment Glass Replacement in Mill Creek

Don't Ignore Your Heavy Equipment Glass Replacement in Mill Creek

When it comes to operating heavy equipment, there are some maintenance and repair items you do not want to let go too long. Things such as regular service, engine leak repair, and heavy equipment glass replacement in Mill Creek are just a few of those items. The glass in your heavy machinery is vital to your safety and the safety of those working on your job site. Here are just a few reasons you do not want to leave the broken or cracked glass in your machines.

OSHA Requirements

First and foremost, OSHA requires that your equipment must retain an “intact windshield and wipers that work.” That means that you can be fined hefty penalties if you don’t repair the windshield or glass promptly.

Safety Risk

Whether you’re working on a farm or construction site, that glass is a layer of protection between you and any flying debris that could be around you. While it may not seem that big of a deal, it can cause serious injury if you are hit with items on the job site. Also, cracked and broken glass can fall out if it is shaken around by working on the site as well.


It is also essential that you repair your machines as soon as you can to avoid an extended downtime on the job. Finding an experienced glass installer is key to helping you to continue to work safely.

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