Custom Tempered Glass Replacement in Snohomish

It’s a good idea always to be prepared for the unexpected. If something should happen to your auto glass, you should be aware who to call to take care of the work for you. Different types of collisions or accidents can cause different types of damage to auto glass. Furthermore, auto glass is not the same in every car – each window or panel is made out of a different material. If you need custom tempered glass replacement in Snohomish, call on Joe’s Glass Co. to do an excellent job.

However, you may not even know what custom tempered glass is. Typically, it’s the type of glass used on side windows and passenger windows and is made out of a different material than that of your windshield. This is created so because of, when on impact, how the glass breaks. The windshield has a tendency to break in bigger chunks on severe impact, but in most cases, it will be cracked or marred in a different manner. Many times this allows your windshield to be repaired or patched instead of replaced, depending on the weight of impact.

Your passenger windows, however, are designed to instantly shatter into a consistency very close to that of rock salt. This is to help prevent serious injury from side-impact accidents. While this is excellent news for personal safety, your side windows usually cannot be repaired and require complete replacement. We will work with your insurance company and your claims process to ensure everything is fixed in an expedient manner.

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