Custom Tempered Glass Replacement in Redmond

Sometimes the worst things happen to good people, like damage to a car associated with heavy storms, or a minor fender-bender. There are myriad reasons your auto glass can be affected and need replacement or repair. Many car owners aren’t familiar with the fact that each different panel of glass in their car is likely made from a different material. For example, windshields primarily use laminate glass. This way, if you get a minor crack or ding, you can have it patched or repaired. This is not the same as your side and other windows, which are made of tempered glass. If you need custom tempered glass replacement in Redmond, look to Joe’s Glass Co. for all of your auto glass needs.

Joe’s Glass Co. is your one-stop shop when it comes to everything auto glass. We have been in business for over 21 years servicing the greater Washington area, and offer many different types of auto glass solutions.

Tempered glass used on your side windows typically cannot be repaired or patched; the entire panel requires a complete replacement. This is because tempered glass is designed to shatter into a consistency similar to that of rock salt. This theoretically poses less danger of being harmed for you and your passenger, especially during an accident with high impact. Because of the way the glass shatters, a simple patch is impossible. However, Joe’s is here to help with a replacement.

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