Custom Tempered Glass Replacement in Monroe

Now and then, something is bound to happen when it comes to your vehicle. Often, it’s something minor like a flat tire or an auto glass fix. Not all types of auto glass are the same, however, and depending on what kind of impact you have, and what window was affected, it may affect how it can be repaired or replaced. If you need custom tempered glass replacement in Monroe, Joe’s Glass Co. is your go-to for everything auto glass.

Your windshield and your side windows (or passenger windows) are made from different materials. Commonly, your windshield has a laminate coating, which prevents it from shattering. Because of this, even after a hard impact, you may only have a crack or “ding” in your windshield. Ultimately, this should be fixed quickly before the cracks spread. At the outset, however, you have a good chance of only needing repair as opposed to replacement.

Your side windows are made with tempered glass, which is different when struck. It crystallizes into a rock-salt-type consistency, which is for safety because of the way these windows may be struck in an accident. While these are created this way for safety issues, it makes them nearly impossible to repair and you typically need a complete replacement.

Joe’s Glass Co. works with all insurance companies and also has a mobile team that can come to you if you can’t get to us, or if your car can’t get to us. To find out more about custom tempered glass replacement in Monroe, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to speak to an experienced member of our staff. We look forward to addressing all your glasswork needs.