Custom Tempered Glass Replacement in Granite Falls

It’s good to always know where you would take your car, truck, or SUV if the unexpected happened, such as an auto accident or a fender bender. Not all accidents mean that the car is totaled or can’t be driven – many times your car just needs a little TLC, and it’ll be fine. One of the parts of a vehicle widely affected during a collision is the auto glass. However, your windshield and your other windows break in different ways as they are constructed of different types of glass. If you need custom tempered glass replacement in Granite Falls, look no further than Joe’s Glass Co.

Your windshield will break a particular way because it’s made mainly of laminate types of glass. However, your passenger or side windows are likely constructed of tempered glass, which breaks into small pieces with the consistency of rock salt when damaged. This is to help protect you during a crash. However, it makes repair of these windows absolutely impossible, and thus, they need a full replacement.

The good news when it comes to Joe’s Glass Co. is that we have a mobile team that can come to you if you have trouble getting to us, or if your car is immobilized for the time being. Just let us know where to send the tech team and where to be, and you can go on about your day while we replace your windows and any other auto glass issues you may have.

For more information about custom tempered glass replacement in Granite Falls, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to learn more about us or to receive an estimate for services.