Auto Vent Shade Installation & Repair Service in Bothell

Customizing your car doesn’t always mean adding elaborate features to help it stand out on the road. Sometimes customization can mean making driving more comfortable for you, like adding a vent shade to your car, truck, or SUV. Vent shades have several different functions, making them incredibly useful when it comes to driving. If you need an auto vent shade installation & repair service in Bothell, choose Joe’s Glass Co. for your vent shade needs.

While we are an auto glass shop, we also are well-trained in performing other jobs on your car, truck, or SUV. We can repair or replace your vent shade, do windshield calibration or recalibration, and do rock chip repair, which can be more cost-effective than going to an auto body shop.

A vent shade can help deflect the sun’s hot rays from hitting your seat in the summer, so you don’t come out to seats that are boiling hot. It also serves to keep rain and moisture from entering your car, which can be incredibly useful at a drive-through window or while driving around the road.

If you already have a vent shade installed but it is in disrepair, we can repair it for you so you’re comfortable driving again. If you don’t have time to come to us, you can always ask our innovative Joe’s Glass Co. mobile team for assistance. You can go on about your day while we do all of the work.

For more information about our auto vent shade installation & repair service in Bothell, contact Joe’s Glass Co. at (425) 272-9460 to speak to a member of our team. You’ll be glad you did!