Auto Side Mirror Glass Installation & Repair Service in Granite Falls

You never can be sure when the unexpected is going to happen. Maybe you got in a slight auto accident, and your side mirror got clipped, or maybe you unwittingly clipped it yourself when you were pulling into the garage one night. No matter the reason, it can be dangerous to drive without your side mirror being operational, especially if you’re doing a lot of driving on the highway. However, you may not be sure where to get a side mirror fixed. If you need the best in auto side mirror glass installation & repair service in Granite Falls, look to Joe’s Glass Co. for all of your needs.

We’ve been in business for many years serving the greater Washington state and Granite Falls area. Not only do we perform auto glass work on your car, truck, or SUV, such as windshield repair or replacement, or work on your back glass or door glass, we can also fix your sunroof, rearview mirror, or side mirrors. We can also work on oversize vehicles or heavy equipment, or classic cars. We also perform non-auto glass work, too, such as rock chip repair or vent shade replacement.

If getting your side mirror fixed is problematic because you’re short on time, you can ask us about Joe’s Glass Co.’s mobile team. We can come out to where your car is and provide the same quality work that we do in our shop. Just ask us how it works.

For more information about our auto side mirror glass installation & repair service in Granite Falls, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to speak to a member of our team.