Auto Glass Replacement in Sammamish

It could be a beautiful, sunny day, and you’re driving along when the unexpected happens. Maybe a tree branch falls from a hanging tree, or a pebble at high velocity hits your windshield and leaves a mark. Maybe you don’t worry about it right away – perhaps you even forget about it. Unfortunately, small pieces of windshield damage can become larger, which can cause you a bigger headache. Before you need complete auto glass replacement in Sammamish, check with Joe’s Glass Co. to see if you can get a simple repair.

There are several levels of windshield damage. If it’s just a small crack, it can typically be repaired, and your windshield is fine. If your windshield is more damaged, this can compromise the frame, so in this case, the entire windshield has to be replaced. Smaller cracks can turn into bigger ones very quickly, due to things like vibration on the road, extreme hot or cold temperatures, and other issues. Once the crack spreads, there’s no choice but to opt for a complete windshield repair.

This makes drivers nervous, as they are not sure how they can take the time off of work to have their windshield repaired. The good news is, both windshield repair and windshield replacement don’t take up much time, and Joe’s Glass Co. has a mobile unit that can come right to you – even while you’re at work. Just simply contact us for a free estimate to learn how the mobile unit works.

If you need more information about auto glass replacement in Sammamish or want to get a free estimate for auto glass damage, contact Joe’s Glass Co. today at (425) 272-9460 to speak with a member of our professional staff.